Enterprise Solutions
Transforming your Business

Freshtel powers enterprises digital transformation through our Connectivity services which are designed to reinvent the way enterprises do their business as well as help connect them to the digital world.

We combine our business experiences with industry insights and technology innovation to drive growth for our clients’ businesses which we aim via our following Enterprise Solutions:-

Managed Dedicated Connectivity Service

Provision your organisation with a first-class Internet experience via a fast and reliable connection from Freshtel! Managed Dedicated Connectivity Service is the perfect choice for organisations that need consistent high performance all day, every day, together with the flexibility to grow with demand and run business critical applications that command High service availability. Choose a bandwidth that suits you – from 1 Mbps to 1 Gbps. It’s uncontested so you won’t share it with anyone else and you’ll get the same speed in both directions.

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Managed Dedicated Private Network

Connect your offices together and hook up your sites into a single network with Freshtel’s Managed Dedicated Private Network – an ultra-fast, secure and flexible network!

Managed Dedicated Private Network from Freshtel is a high performance solution that can be used to transport data, internet, voice or video traffic between multiple designated sites.

Your traffic is segregated from other traffic on the network to create a virtual LAN, giving you all the benefits of a local network over a wider area.

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Managed Unified IP Communications Service

We can’t avoid it but the way businesses and corporates use voice services is evolving. Instead of traditional methods to deliver voice and data separately, our Managed Unified IP Communications Service means you can now use a data pipe for both. Freshtel’s Managed Unified IP Communications Service allows your voice traffic to be carried as VoIP (Voice over IP) over our network and on to the PSTN (Public Switched Telephony Network). And you can continue to make and receive calls from the outside world just as you can with a traditional phone line.

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Managed WiFi Hotspots Service

Freshtel’s Managed WiFi Hotspot service will help resolve the following business pains associated with Public Wi-Fi:-
1. The ex user can automatically be connected when they pass by the wifi area. How can we solve this issue?
2. Is it possible to allow system to automatic log out a user if the user downloads movie, you tube, …etc to ensure the line is always clear to others users?
3. To fix the guest usage by:-
a. ½ hour (automatically log-out) or
b. Fix by bandwidth (eg. 512Kbps max. per user)

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Managed Internet of Things (IoT) LTE Solutions

Business ready for IoT?

With some of Bursa Malaysia’s Top companies using Freshtel’ IoT Solutions , we are able to reach very remote places where Wired Line Broadband is unable to go. Our IoT Solutions is helping to power up from these very remote locations simple Accounting software to complex Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Operations and Monitoring Systems just to name a few by establishing Machine-to-Machine (M2M) communication driven by LTE connectivity. This enable enterprises to get real-time visibility of their business for critical decision-making anytime, anywhere at their fingertips.

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